Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The A Team

in support of my dream to put rock candy on the map... my friend fabian and my cousin janna teamed up to shoot what i think will be a VERY hard shoot to top!! this is exciting because it means that the new website is well on its way to being the work of art that i envisioned. i love it when a plan comes together!!!

many thanks go out to the models! you were not only gorgeous, but five of the sweetest human beings i've come across lately! you ladies just rocked it!! no, i didn't miscount! one of the girls had to catch a flight and left before this finale shot was taken.

janna and fabian had free reign to create the shots and the feel of the end product and i'm so thrilled with the outcome! so many amazing images to choose from that i'm up all hours of the night trying to decide!

the leather bracelets were featured in the blog previously... but NOT like this! i just had to revisit them after seeing this shot!

one of the fun parts of this piece is that you get to choose the stone that best suits your style or even your mood at the moment... but what ever your motivation to pick your special stone, it becomes your individual expression to wear and flaunt and have fun with!

more shots and more jewelry to come! enjoy!