Friday, October 2, 2009

rosary, part deaux

swarovski crystal EVERYTHING!
crystal cosmojet cross
8mm jet bicones
8mm crystal AB rounds
hill-tribe silver hearts as spacers
heart toggle clasp

inspiration highway

hill-tribe silver
chinese turquoise
olive jade
stabilized turquoise
magnesite crack turquoise
yellow turquoise
olivine swarovski
blue zircon swarovski

Sunday, September 27, 2009

ok uk

the Chappells took this white turquoise
piece back to their daughter in england!
my creations are world travelers!!
who could ask for more?
(oh, and the earrings & rock wrap to match!)

aqua oceans remembered

6 strand, blue opal bracelet...
speaks for itself!!

rock on!

two diva-licious rock wrap enthusiasts
liberty of the seas - 9/25/09

far & away

meet Miriam...
she's taking the amazonite front clasp necklace
all the way back to israel with her!!
my babies are going abroad!
lovin' it!

Liberty of RC

1) day 1 set up: liberty of the seas 9/19-9/26
deck 11
2) day 2, 3 & 4 set up:
royal promenade, deck 5
3) night time set up
*this was the first cruise with my new
banners and table covers!!