Thursday, May 28, 2009

new development

i'm always inspired by pieces that have dual purpose. i've developed these pieces lately and love not only what they are made of but the fact that they are designed as a wrap bracelet (of course) and have a second use as a choker. but with the addition of an extender, could be used as a longer, 18 or 20 inch necklace.
what is new, besides the design is the use of round stones. i don't usually use them. somehow i was drawn to several stones in this shape and here we are!
the peace signs have been requested for months now. i haven't found just the right pieces until yesterday. these are carved from Agate. love them!
i've paired them here with carved Jade and a new stone i've found recently, Septeria. Septeria are the brown and tan stones and the jade are black with carved swirling patterns.