Monday, May 18, 2009

Rocked it in the A T L !!!

just a recap of the weekend in ATL...
i have to gather my thoughts here because the two shows blew me away!
friday night the 15th we did a dual event at facelogic spa in kennesaw. what could be better than massages, make up and JEWELRY? nothing evidently!! the group of friends and friends of friends, neighbors and spa clients that gathered were second to none! we had laugh after laugh and had a very successful event! i raffled off a ROCK WRAP bracelet... when the drawing was about to happen, one woman was jumping up and down waving arms in the air saying "pick me, pick me"... (side note: she was the only one in the group at that point who had not already bought one) so there she is, waving and chanting as the fish bowl is put in front of Rhonda's husband Jeff to draw out a winner... GUESS WHO WON???????????????? yep! the Pick Me girl!!! is that a riot or what? after all that hype, the girl deserved it!! then three or four spa treatments were given away and everyone was THRILLED!
my childhood playmate from elementary school, Melissa and her older sister Danette (who never thought we were cool enough to hang with back then) showed up and it was so nice to see faces i'd not seen since graduation!
my long time Pal Ronda came early and hung out the entire time! it's been too long i tell ya! and just before the monsoon hit, in walks Rhonda and Kimberly! oh, now the party's ON ladies!! between my clan, my sister Shelley and all of the cool chicks that Michelle, our host brought... it was a laugh a minute! i think that every woman that came, left with a ROCK WRAP... it was something to see.
the over all night with fun and sales was a huge success and i'm so thankful to facelogic for the opportunity, my sister for all her help, to the women who made the evening memorable and to God for an answer to prayer for a successful event! WOO HOO!

there, i thought to myself that it couldn't get any better than that... little was i prepared for saturday. shelley and mom and i put together a spread of yummy yummy food and mimosa... as the clock struck ten a.m., in walked the first group of girls... from there we had a constant stream of family, extended family, friends and neighbors arrive. the jewelry was spread out between the dining room and the living room with the ROCK WRAPS on the center coffee table for everyone to play.
being that i'm in ATL only a few times a year, i don't get to see everyone every time i'm up... and usually only one friend when i do. a typical trip to ATL for me is a trip to the Apparel Mart downtown and dinner... to then jump back on a plane and head home. to plan a purposeful visit like this was the perfect remedy to missing the people i usually don't get the chance to see.
the open house at shelley's was planned from 10am-1pm and i think i left at 3:45... we had a ball and didn't want it to be over. it had to end because of course i didn't give myself any flex time and had to be to the airport shortly there after.

with ALL of that said... the ATL trip was a success that i could not have predicted. i feel very blessed by the support and love i received.
we're planning a replay of both events the weekend before Thanksgiving... if you weren't able to make it this time... please don't miss it then! i'd love to see you!!