Friday, September 18, 2009

super charged

1) moss agate slab with orange chalcedony
hand-made bail & hill-tribe silver pieces.
2) carnelian leaf pendant with hand-made bail
with carnelian tubes & sterling silver

Thursday, September 17, 2009

chalcedony spears

blue chalcedony spears
w/ flower spacers & smoked quartz
swarovski crystal.
i have one similar, and wear it constantly!

crackle agate

donuts in crackle agate.
one in blacks, one in browns.
loving the geometry of it all!

peace out

1) fraternal twins in flowered glass.
2) fraternal twins in white turquoise & amazonite.
photographed together to save time & space.
they all measure about 1 7/8" diameter.


this is Debra's custom order.
the front clasping flower necklace in black agate.
black agate has a lot of brown running through it.
i used smoked quartz and jet swarovski crystal.
i have this necklace also,
but i decided i like Debra's BETTER!