Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Jewel !!

here i am cruising along on the most fabulous ship i've ever sailed on... i need to mention that i have only been on two other cruises in my lifetime, so i'm no expert. BUT... one of the aspects that truly makes this ship AMAZING is its crew. tip to tail this ship is filled with the friendliest and most professional people from all over the world... i'm still speaking of the crew of course! (lol) especially especially Antony... english born (the accent rocks!) and current resident of egypt when not on the jewel. (royal carribean jewel)
i started with that thought to get it off my chest and NOW for some gushing... first night we put together a wonderful "teaser" window display with rock candy. we've had little write-ups printed in the daily news pamphlet letting the guests know that "panama night" was coming and they shouldn't miss the unveiling. during the day at sea preceding the panama stop i did a seminar in the atrium and had a great turn out! the reward for bearing with my first and very forgetful presentation, we raffled a pair of earrings. these cruisers just LOVE a good raffle. on panama day i made jewelry like crazy and then went into the port... there was a little "village" set up with native panamanians and their wares. it was AWESOME! but nothing could have prepared me for the native women with ornate tribal-style tattoos with nothing on but what the men should be wearing. i had no idea... and it was nice too that it wasn't so commercialized... it was the REAL people of panama earning their living. just beautiful. oh, and the itty bitty bit of spanish that i know came in VERY handy!! (i love miami)
i was so captivated with the little shopping village i lost track of time and only had 15 minutes to shower and get ready for my event... how crazy is that?
i'm using one of the manager's computer to update this so i don't have pictures to share now... but soon, very soon. side note: as much fun as this experience has been for me, i'm so very homesick i can hardly stand it.
Antony set up the unveiling on panama night so there would not be any other distractions like the watch sale, diamond sale, swarovski promo, amber sale etc etc... the team of five that i worked with were amazing! it was a frenzy... later that evening the crew told me that the rock candy event was easily the busiest event they'd ever seen! WOO-HOO!
we were set up in a center island in the middle of the pathway...lucky for me, i was able to be inside the island because there were times i had to catch my breath. i manned the Rock Wrap bracelets and the rest of the team sold the collection. it was really something to see.
we sold pieces i hadn't yet photographed... bye-bye baby! i honestly think that people left because they couldn't get up to the counters to see... the rock wraps were a hit, of course... they always are. 3 at a time, 4 at a time... it was madness! i love this kind of thing!
what's actually funny is that now i'm ready to go home but there are many days left at sea. poor me. (lol)
word is we may be doing another showing... wouldn't that ROCK? ummm, YEAH!

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  1. Sounds like a fun way to sell your wares and make new friends! Gorgeous photos!