Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the Black Pearl

taking the collection on the Liberty of the Seas this weekend has me playing in all of the treasures of the ocean. and no, it wasn't planned... these things just tend to happen. (God's steering this rig, and He LOVES it when a plan comes together)

earlier tonight i was working with MOP and coin pearls... all in the cream and beige family. as the evening, who am i kidding...it's 4am, as the morning has gone on, i've brought out the black MOP and offset it with faceted chunks of Pink Opal. these pieces of Pink Opal are purple (that tends to happen too). something tells me these two would have never met had they not been joined on my workspace.
call it a hunch.

oh, and the title of this post totally is a LOST throwback. (it's late, what can i say?)

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