Wednesday, July 1, 2009

count down

in the frenzy to prepare to board the Liberty of the Seas the INSPIRATION just keeps coming! as writers sometimes experience writer's block... i feel that the past two weeks have found me in a void, a black hole or worse... uninspired. thank God it was temporary!! i've been up this week, night after night until 6am, 5am and tonight i'm pushing 4am as i type this. that's what i call INSPIRATION!! i don't want to sleep but i must... i have appointments all day tomorrow :) yea rock candy!
TOP: natural pink agate with bali silver necklace. BOTTOM: feldspath graphic with hill-tribe silver. the color is true, no photoshopping here. it's something new i found this week so stand by for a series of goodies with this stone!
make today count, tomorrow is promised to no one. xo

1 comment:

  1. I"m SO LOVIN' the chunky stuff! yeah! When I need inspiration, I tend to go bead shopping! Or take a look thru a magazine! Miss you! lxxx