Monday, June 1, 2009

Crossing Lines

again, i'm dwelling in the multi-useful jewelry series. i like series.
i play in a style until one, i wear myself out or two, exhaust the supply of the stones.
either way, it always works out to be perfect timing to move into yet another phase.
these Jade stones are carved with a swirl pattern and the colors are just mesmerizing. i can't pick a favorite because they are each just exquisite! the crosses are equally enchanting made with all the different stones. Mother of Pearl, Leopard Skin Jasper, Olive Jade, Onyx and Agate...
nearly identical to the design of the peace bracelets, the only difference being the size of the stones. the large peace signs required a much larger stone to accompany them... the dainty crosses play well with the smaller stones.
the natural stones have a nice weight to them so they feel great on your arm.

i'll have these at Norman's this weekend and then they go to Europe with me on the cruises!

i'm happy to ship them too... shoot me an email if you have questions or requests.

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