Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Peace & LOVE

i thought this would be a cool combo... but didn't know i'd LOVE it like this! don't know if i've seen Labradorite and Chinese Turquoise together before, but i know now that i'll be pairing them up for a long long life of true love!
hope it resonates with others the way it appeals to me! you know they say you glow when you're in love... well, when i look at these two together... i'm blinded by that GLOW!
if Labradorite is new to you... let me tell you, there's hardly a stone that compares! it's this grayish green color stone, nothing special right? that is, until light is introduced! there's a glow from within and it glows BLUE! it's fascinating!
God's endless creativity never ceases to utterly amaze me!!

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