Friday, January 23, 2009

The Convertible

i don't know if i love all the ways this necklace can be worn or its name better! there's actually even a fifth way it can be worn, which is around your waist, if you are so inclined. i love options and this piece gives you many... besides the obvious wearable options, then there are color options and the option to wear just one, two or even three at the same time! for a girl loving choices... the convertible is a provider!
the chain comes all the way from italy... gotta love those italians for their innovations. the little cages along the chain beg for sparkle and that's where i come in...

the hidden clasp works to hold the chain in place... don't you hate it when the necklaces move and slide and never stay where you put them? the clasp holds everything perfectly in place.
i will have these with me at the show this saturday at norman brothers. for a list of other show dates check my site at on the exhibits page.
the eye candy page also has some fun pieces to look at.

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