Monday, January 19, 2009

Pearls, Pearls, Pearls!

this is my first post of the year, well, actually the first post ever for rock candy... howdy!
(that's the first time i've EVER said howdy) we just don't say that in miami.
i just finished this bracelet tonight. i'm pretty proud of it. i got the vision for it last night (around 4 am) and chose not to start on it so late. it's now in my store on the website, along with it's cousin (made with cornflake pearls). it's better you look at the cornflake pearls than me try to describe them, as each and every one is totally different.
i used my very favorite clasp on this bracelet, although it cannot be seen in this picture. the clasp is amazing and hand made in india.
i tend to put stones together like rough pearls with refined swarovski crystals together just because i can. my style is eclectic and unconventional. i also like putting rough uncut semi-precious gems together with shiny swarovski crystals just for the visual curiosity and appeal. well, it's appealing to me. i work with contrast... it's my favorite.
these pearls came direct from china... my dad procures them for me. it's so much fun teaching him gems and quality etc... via emails, scans, phone calls etc... being a pilot he's super detail oriented, takes great notes and remembers details you wouldn't believe. he makes a great hunter! men generally do that well.
i buy direct from swarovski. (feather in my cap) it's a privilege i hope i never lose. one of the many parts of my job i really LOVE!
good night... i'm sure there's more to talk about tomorrow :)

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