Saturday, January 24, 2009

Norman's... OH Brother!!

wow! what a great day at norman's today! if you aren't familiar, you should be! (norman's is on 87th avenue between kendall drive and 72 street) i typically do a show on their "front porch" once a month... except on special occasions... this one being VALENTINE'S.
all of the regulars were in today! it was great to see all the familiar faces! saw some girls i met at the ramble @ fairchild back in november, and met tons of fabulous NEW friends!!
of course the darling of the day was the leather wrap bracelet with magnetic clasp.
i have five sizes and fit your wrist and let you pick the semi-precious stone that speaks to you... then, in front of you, i attach your stone to your band with sterling silver wire... in minutes you have a completely unique and one of a kind accessory! they're too much fun and always the show stopper ever since i created them and incorporated them into the line. i literally have hundreds of stones to choose from... each different from the next.
i love sitting next to the grills while the guys are cooking out there!! today they grilled white corn on the cob and IN the husk! then they slathered it with Chipotle BUTTER! DOUBLE YUM!! as i always say, it's ALWAYS a GREAT day at norman's!! and today was absolutely NO exception!
looking forward to next saturday!! PRE super bowl MADNESS!!
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  1. Glad you had a great day friend! I'll have to check you and Norman Bros. out one Sat. soon! lx