Sunday, July 26, 2009

getting around

in april i wrote about my experience on the fabulous Jewel of the Seas and my new found friend ANTONY. seems that the ROCK WRAPS get around... here is his in EGYPT!! how totally and absolutely COOL is that? i love that he sent me this picture to show me how dedicated he is to his own personal ROCK WRAP... apparently so dedicated that he's now forced to wear it to hide the tan line it has created on his arm because he wears it so much!!
i've heard of the farmer's tan with the marks starting at the short sleeve line on the arm, and i've even heard of the trailer tan which is the outline of the "wife beater" tank, even the golfer's tan with the tan only above the sock line... but what should we call the tan line that the ROCK WRAPS make?? to suggestions...

also, remember to make today count...tomorrow is promised to no one. xo

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